Recordings on Compact Disc


SundanceFrank Ticheli
Bells for StokowskiMichael Daugherty
Honor the FoundersLewis J. Buckley
The Glass Bead GameJim Beckel
Four Colonial Country DancesJames Curnow
SinfoniettaIngolf Dahl
Sandburg ReflectionsLewis J. Buckley
Irish WasherwomanLeroy Anderson
El Camino RealAlfred Reed

From the Conductor...

I would like to introduce potential new friends to the Metropolitan Wind Symphony (MWS) through this remarkable, live CD. If you have been away from us for a while, please consider this a reintroduction to a group that has never stopped growing musically. And finally, to our long- time friends and supporters, thank you so very much. The idea of a volunteer, community wind band of sufficiently high calibre to release a CD composed entirely of live presentations would have seemed unlikely to me. And yet, you hold Reflections in your hands. All of these performances are unedited recordings from the past three seasons' live concerts (2007 -2010). The MWS members are wonderful, dedicated, and talented musicians who deserve your high recognition. I am proud beyond words of the musical expressiveness and technical accomplishment represented here. Are these performances perfect? Of course notthey're live! And the hall acoustics aren't ideal. But are they exciting, beautiful, and highly accomplished? Absolutely! Lovers of wind bands will find much to relish here. So if you are visiting the Boston area or live close enough, I hope you'll join us at a live concert soon. And please enjoy these fruits of our labors of love, in celebration of 40 years of proud achievement!

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