Board of Directors

The MWS Board of Directors and the Music Director together manage the MWS. They are responsible for establishing the policies and goals of the group, scheduling and planning concerts, fundraising, applying for grants, and managing publicity and public relations.

  • Leslie Hansen, President
  • Bob Piankian, Vice President
  • Esther Horwich, Secretary
  • Rachel Pinsky, Treasurer
  • Elisabeth Axtell, Member At Large
  • Daniel Byer, Member at Large
  • Anne Codman, Member at Large
  • Gregory Depp, Member At Large
  • Sarah Freeman, Member At Large
  • Alison Hannah, Member at Large
  • Bruce Houston, Member At Large
  • Amara Lucci, Member at Large
  • Elizabeth Rowland, Member At Large
  • Timothy Sliski, Member At Large
  • Scott Stiner, Member At Large
  • Samantha Webster, Member At Large