MetWinds Commissioning Fund

Many famous and wonderful pieces of music for concert band (and other mediums) exist only because they were commissioned. It is an essential method of encouraging new music to be written, and for that music to become part of the permanent band repertoire. As the MetWinds approached our twenty-fifth anniversary season, we made the first public announcement of a major project: our commissioning fund.

A generous and anonymous donor gave a substantial amount of money as a permanent endowment to us. The income from this endowment is to be used only to commission new pieces of concert band music. Ideally we would like to obtain original works on an annual basis, although this is a future goal. However, during that season we were able to obtain major new commissions presenting new works works by Peter Schickele and James Curnow, and we have continued to bring new works to our players and our audience. In the seasons that followed, we were honored to have new commissions from one of the leading composers of Britain (Guy Woolfenden), and of the Netherlands (Johan de Meij). We also performed a piece for solo clarinet and band, written for our former music director David Martins, by Boston University composer Marjorie Merryman. Showing our belief in and support of composers at all levels, we have provided commissions to emerging and student composers as well. As all community arts groups do, we welcome contributions from any source. Usually those go to general operating funds. If you wish to, however, you may designate part or all of any contribution you'd like to make to the Wind Symphony to our commissioning fund.

Previous Commissioning Projects