Auditioning for Membership

General auditions for the 2013-2014 concert season will be held in late August and early September.

To schedule an audition for an open position, please contact Elana Lorance, MWS Auditions Coordinator, by e-mail at or by phone at (617) 983-1370.

After an audition, you may be selected for either regular membership in the MWS or as a call player.

Membership Openings

Regular membership seats in the MWS are based on standard concert band instrumentation. We currently have the following open positions for the upcoming season:

  • English horn
  • Bb Clarinet
  • Trumpet
  • Alto Saxophone
  • String Bass
  • Percussion
  • Piano

We are currently seeking call players (see below) for all sections. If you have questions regarding auditions/membership, please contact the audition coordinator at

Call Player List

The Metropolitan Wind Symphony maintains a roster of call players for all instruments. These players are invited to fill in when regular members are not available. This could be for a rehearsal, a series of rehearsals, a dress rehearsal and concert, or an entire concert cycle, depending on the need. We are currently seeking call players for all sections, except flute/piccolo.

Call players are an important part of the MWS community and many call players have later joined as regular members as openings occurred. We invite you to audition to become a call member.